backdrop: MINIMAL sevilla backdrop no. 1
pose: versuta. annie poses coming to dubai event sept. 20th. hand slightly adjusted using animare (to appear behind the cat).
plants: {vespertine} exotic plants – pilea plant, soy. shitamachi alley garden potted plant G (gacha item), ionic plant in a pot (gacha item), soy. shitamachi alley garden potted plant J (gacha item)
cigarettes + coffee: ionic cafe y tabaco (gacha item)
chair: junk. slouchy chair (old leather) – prize item (I forget for what lol)
cat: mutresse tired shortie cat (gacha item)
hair: stealthic porcelain
top: ISON verona top (black)
shorts: blueberry pia denim shorts (midnight)
tattoo: leven ink marisa tattoo at whore couture fair for belleza, maitreya, & omega appliers in 50%, 75%, & 100% strengths. comes in black & white and colored ink.


bookcase: [con.] groves modular bookcase
kitchen (stove/sink/cabinets): {vespertine} small spaces kitchen
bulletin board: full bulletin board
posters: Death Row Designs notes – many reasons – from the joint coffee shop set
skillet: dust bunny breakfast skillet
tomatoes: dust bunny tomatoes from the farmers market set
plant: {vespertine} sword fern
plate of food: dust bunny breakfast plate
milk: erratic milk jug
toaster + bread: MadPea toaster (MadPea Premium gift. join here. for all the benefits, visit MadPea’s website here)

On Ing:

pose + joint: space cadet home (group gift, free, 100L to join. join here)
hair: doux mineko (deluxe)
top: tee*fy ashley top – no drama
shorts: tee*fy myla shorts (creme)


soda bottle: chicchica cola
soda litre: junk food soda bottle [part of the junk food pizza party set]
spilled soda: +half-deer+ fast food clutter spilled soda
frappe: vespertine iced latte [part of the vespertine treat yoself sweet tooth pack]
food tray: junk food mac daddy’s tray [nuggets]
pizza: junk food pepperoni pizza box [part of the junk food pizza party set]
burgers: junk food mac daddy’s burger [carton & w/o carton]
wrapped burger: junk food wrapped burger [part of the junk food burger & fries set]
heart fry: +half-deer+ fast food clutter fries heart
i love you: +half-deer+ fast food clutter fry love you
nuggets: junk food chicken nuggets carton [part of the macdaddy fast food set]
fry carton: junk food fries [part of the macdaddy fast food set]
salad: vespertine garden salad box [part of the treat yoself fitfam pack]
sauces: junk food sweet & sour and ketchup dippers [part of the macdaddy fast food set]