Sister of the moon

Listening to: Fleetwood Mac – Sisters of the Moon

Hairs: .Entwined. Ruby & Magika Excuse Me
Eyeshadow: Veechi Autumn Cafe Eyeshadow in Expresso (Mocha) at The Epiphany
Eyes: Zombie Suicide Vamped Eyes at Trick or Treat Lane, mesh & system layer eyes with Catwa & Omega appliers
Lips: Suicidal Unborn The Matte Lip Essentials for Catwa
Nail Applier: Dark Passions Koffin Nails Glitter Jack o Laterns at Trick or Treat Lane
Sweater: LiViD Spell Knit Sweater in Hocus Pocus at Trick or Treat Lane
Skirt: LiViD Spell Suede Skirt in Raven at Trick or Treat Lane
Leggings: LiViD Witchy Leg in Orange at Trick or Treat Lane, for Maitreya, Belleza & Slink appliers
Boots: Goth1c0 Giselle Ankle Boots in Spiderweb at Trick or Treat Lane, for Slink, Belleza, & Maitreya



The secrets of Lady Kismet

Listening to: The Femme Fatale Dark Cabaret Collection

A huge thank you to Kiana Writer who surprised me with this set, and to the MadPea production team!

MadPea presents Lady Kismet’s Secrets Gacha Set, exclusively for the Season of the Witch 2017, October 14th – November 4th. Please note that some of the items in this picture have been used as fillers/to complete the look – but are NOT a part of the MadPea Lady Kismet’s Secrets Gacha set*. For complete details on what is included in the set, see the information below.

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MadPea In-world Group: secondlife:///app/group/07a8657f-71c9-3012-65fc-7da2e790bad3/about
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Can you find out Lady Kismet’s Secret?



Maybe the cat knows :p


Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Vintage Radio (5li – contains an extra prize & achievement)

Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Crystal Ball (2li – click to receive your fortune)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Lady Kismet’s Wagon (37li – click on lights to turn on/off – click on door pieces to open/close – click on sign to change wagon color – 5 total colors)

Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Beaded Curtain – Black (6li – makes bead-type sound when you walk through)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Beaded Curtain – Coloured (6li – makes bead-type sound when you walk through)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Blue Evil Eye Ring (worn – unrigged w/resizer, Maitreya, Gianni rigs)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Bohemian Candle Tray (3li – click to light/extinguish candles)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Board (1li – static prop)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Bowl of Bills – Dark (2li – static prop)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Brown Evil Eye Ring (worn – unrigged w/resizer, Maitreya, Gianni rigs)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Chair (2li – includes sit animations)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Crystal Box (5li – click to open/close lid)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Green Evil Eye Ring (worn – unrigged w/resizer, Maitreya, Gianni rigs)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Hanging Lantern – Black (5li – click to light/extinguish candle)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Hanging Lantern – Purple (5li – click to light/extinguish candle)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Magical Mirror (5li – shows image when nearby)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Petal Lamp (2li – click to turn on/off)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Pile of Pumpkins (1li – static prop)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Shadow (2li)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Table (3li – static prop)
Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Worn Rug (1li – static prop)

Lady Kismet’s Secrets – Daybed (li – animations included)

*feel free to message me in-world at Pentacles666 to inquire about the additional furniture/landscaping used in these pictures. Several of the larger props are from LiViD.

A witch’s garden

Listening to: Practical Magic Theme Song

Just wanted to share a cute garden idea that I came up with, given that The Coven Lunar Festival’s next round is approaching. None of these items featured in this post will be at the event, but a few witchy designers’ items are listed below. It’s always good to share their work. Hope you enjoy it.

*Please note that the Candle & Cauldron store’s slurl is a temporary location. Join her group to find out more information. She’s just on a short hiatus, working on new store stuff! She has a group gift in the notices, its amazing and November put so much work and thought into them.

The Coven Lunar Festival will run from August 3rd-24th.

*alirium* Dwarf Forest [Old Gold]
{anc} Garden “Spray” Wild Flowers [Orange]
[ keke ] Sacred Lotus Group in White
[ keke ] Flower Circle in White
[ keke ] Sacred Lotus Petals [ground]
HEART Buttercup Patch
HEART Daisy Patch
LiViD Witches Tea Party Large Cauldron Planter (hunt
Kalopsia Lily’s Planter Set
hive newly planted Oak Tree
HEART Hollyhocks [hot pink]

Other items:
Lights: Botanical Decorative Light Set [sphere scattered,
Incense: [noctis] Incense Burner No. 4
Dove: {anc} No Limits Flying Dove [sugar]
Birds: +Half Deer+ Candy Chicadee Birds
Jar of Dirt: {Candle&Cauldron} Crossroads Dirt Mason Jar
Pentacle: {Candles&Cauldron} Ground Pentacle
Crystal Ball: flowey x Teawood Crystal Ball*
Pentagram: {Candle&Cauldron} Wheat Pentagram (group
gift in notices)

*This item was at a past October Collabor88 round featuring Halloween items


Demonic rites

Listening to: Peter Gundry – Lucifer’s Hymn

The Four Crown Princes of Hell – Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan

Sofa: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Sofa RARE (gacha item) ( Thank you Nikohl ❤ )
Rug: ~*Oubliette*~ Round Ouija rug ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) ( Thank you Melora ❤ )
Candles: *PaperMoon* Glam Magic Candles
Ouija Board: .Birdy. Altar Set Ouija Board RARE (gacha item) (mainstore closed atm for rebuilding)
Table: ~*Oubliette*~ Ebony Ouija Altar Table ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) ( Thank you Melora ❤ )
Skulls: (Yummy) Bell Jar Demon RARE (gacha item), Sherlock’s Skull Friend (a gift from Darius, thank you <3), .random.Matter. Paint it Black Skull Jar ( thank you Nikohl ❤ )(gacha item), Gizza Halloween Decor Skull (gacha item), {Arcana Antiques & Oddities} Human Specimen Skull in a Bell Jar (store closed), Gizza Halloween Decor Blood Bottle RARE (gacha item), Apple Fall Springbok Skull, Apple Fall Deer Skull
Pentagram: *PaperMoon* Devil Trap Decal
Coffin: LiViD Sweet Melancholia Coffin Shelf
Portraits: (Yummy) Ghastly Portrait Set (gacha item)
Wall Decor: ~*Oubliette*~ Demons Wall Hanging ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) ( Thank you Melora ❤ )

All the featured ~*Oubliette*~ items at Suicide Dollz are available from Jan. 8th-20th

Hemp Wall Hanging (Baphomet, Demons, Green Girl, Moon Goddess, Wild Child)– 3LI/5 designs/125L
Ouija Altar Table– 2LI/2 colors/165L
Round Rug (Celtic Pentagram, Crescent Moon, Ouija, Invocation, Pentagram)– 1LI/5 designs/60L


Do I look dead to you?

Listening to: Ane Brun – These Days

This incredible skin is the latest release from Autopsia, a new store located on the Reanimated Misfits sim. Autopsia is co-owned by Necro & VladDrac Munster. I absolutely love finding new stores and meeting new designers who are authentic to the gothic, ‘dead girl’ styles of fashion and makeup. The Autopsia skin is available for Catwa heads and Omega & Belleza appliers. I wear the Maitreya body, so its nice that the skin color automatically matches the lightest shade of Glam Affair skins preset into the Maitreya HUD…what would be the horror shade. The skin is completely pale, no makeup, so keep that in mind when you purchase it. The lips will be completely nude/bare. I added eyebrows and lipstick only. This is exactly how the skin looks with an ‘ultra’ graphic setting, however it is beautiful at the lower settings as well. As you can see, there is great detail on the legs and elbows. I’m in love with it and am definitely going to wear it often!

Also, I’m wearing this gorgeous dress by Death Rocker Bettie Crocker (DRBC). I bought it long before there were mesh bodies, its exquisite. I’m wearing the medium size and it fits great on the Maitreya body. This badass chair is a group gift from LiViD, and its only 25L to join. In general, Giselle (of LiViD) has some amazing group gifts stacked up in her store, as well as new holiday freebies (no group gift required for those). She’s also got an amazing, decorated coffin for sale and some living room furniture.

Skin: Autopsia Pale Face 1 Blank Lips Tone 0 (for Catwa heads, Omega & Belleza appliers)
Dress: DRBC Bella Morte Gown in Vampira
Lips: PUMEC Lipstick No. 6 for Catwa
Eyebrows: [theskinnery] Lyre eyebrows for Catwa
Eyes: Nar Mattaru Supernatural Eyes in Blind & Soulless
Eyelashes: [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies for Catwa
Collar: *MUKA* Alia Collar
Hair: Little Bones Lock in B&W
Chair: LiViD Morticia Rattan Peacock Chair in Painted (free/group gift, 25L to join – one time fee).


Hells bells

Listening to: Jen Titus – Oh Death // Location: Redemption

When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who will have mercy on your soul?


Dress: LiViD Fashion Monster Outfit in Cemetery
Cat: -Pixicat- Bastet Sphynx RARE
Hat: + Spellbound + Wednesday Fedora
Rings: ieQED Dream Ring set in Obsidian
Hair: Little Bones Orchid
Eyes: Nar Mattaru Supernatural Eyes in Blind & { S0NG } Prisma Pitch Eyes
Scratches: [LF] Scar Set V1

Shh…the witches are resting

Listening to: Marilyn Manson – Cupid Carries a Gun // Location: Livid Mainstore

I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite stores in SL & Giselle is a good friend of mine ❤ Love you lady.

“I’m a coat of fists
Dead and hardened spiders
Like two mangled crowns
Or the widest of the meanest coiled snakes
Folks said I
Look like death.
Pound me the witch drums.
Better pray for hell not hallelujah.”


Dress: The Bishes Inc. Sleek Dress in White
Hat: Livid Coven Hat Vintage RARE
Gloves: Livid Coven Gloves Witch Fingers RARE
Jacket: Blueberry Nicole Jacket in Black
Hair: pr!tty Taissa // Pose: [La Baguette]