Its called a ghost town for a reason

Listening to: Mirel Wagner – Oak Tree

This blog post is featuring unKindness‘ Old West Stage Town Gacha at Whimsical, open from February 18th-March 18th. It is so incredibly detailed and beautiful, I absolutely love it! You can have unlimited fun in using these builds for roleplaying. They are literally ‘propped up’ to make it look like builds used for film on stage sets. I really hope you get a chance to buy these! Welcome to the wild west! There are 2 rares & 8 commons, including the Undertaker & Pine Boxes 18LI, Fenced Cemetery 25LI, Barber Front 7LI, Blacksmith Barn 8LI, Rock Formation 3LI, Sheriff’s Office 11LI, Modest Chapel 7LI, and the Storm Ridge Hotel 41LI. The rares are the General Store 31LI & Whiskey Saloon 34LI

Builds featured:

uK – Old West Whiskey Saloon RARE
uK – Old West Storm Ridge Hotel
uK – Old West Fenced Cemetery
uK – Old West Undertaker & PineBoxes

[We’re CLOSED] Dry Grass Field (I don’t know who the flowers are by, sorry guys!)

On me:

Bloody Makeup: VileCult The Grime No. 3 (for Catwa & Omega, unisex, 3 color option)
Eyes: :Conviction: Insomnia eyes (includes Catwa & Omega appliers. Makeup also included, but not worn)
Skin: Glam Affair Aurelia No. 11 in Polar
Axe (w/animation): [Z-DAY] Zombie Hunter’s Axe
Hair: DOUX Miley
Dress: =Zenith= Gothic Victorian Long dress in Milk (for Maitreya)




Ice cold gaze

Listening to: Zella Day – Hypnotic // Location: Lakeside

Eyes: :Conviction: Apophis eyes (comes with an omega applier) ( Thank you August ❤ )
Makeup (Eyes & Lips): [POUT!] The Pain Within makeup for Catwa
Tattoo: *Bolson* Osiris
Harness: [The Forge] Sasha Harness in White for Maitreya
Hair: DOUX Miley
Fur: CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night Alpine Fur in Pure
Skeleton: CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night Exoskeleton in White
Collar: Chary Basic collar in White (store closed)
Moon: VileCult MoonChild w/Blood Tone No. 3


To live is to be haunted

Listening to: MILCK – Take Me to Church (Hozier cover)

Sign: VileCult GoreGoreGore Neon Sign ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) –Past Event
Blood/Scarring: .Absence. Trauma (for Catwa & Omega appliers & system layers)
House: Apple Fall Gatekeepers Lodge RARE (gacha item)
Bruising/Blood: [Mello] Sweetie Bun Marks RARE (gacha item, for Omega appliers)
Eyes: {S0NG} Prisma eye in Pitch & Nar Mattaru Supernatural Eye in Soulless
Hair: .Entwined. Elaine // Eye Patch: Lovely Disarray The Opulent Eyepatch
Bow: -UtopiaH- Grisly Doll bow in Snow (store closed)
Collar: [CerberusXing] Heavy Duty Collar
Dress: ~*Oubliette*~ Dolly Dress in Nightshade ( @ ~ The Darkness Chamber Fair ~ ) –Opens Jan.4th-25th– (Available in 8 colors, for Maitreya, Physique & Hourglass mesh bodies and classic avatars for 185L. Versions available are in Zombie, Sepia, Faery, Dahlia, Crimson, Blush, Antique, and Nightshade. Also for sale, for 165L are the ~*Oubliette*~ Sugar Tip Ballet shoes. I’ll include the advertisement below.) ( Thank you Melora ❤ )



Rave baby

Listening to: Blutengel & Meinhard – Kinder der Sterne

Pose & Water Bottle: BellePoses Mariana
Tattoo: [La Baguette] Kanza Tattoo in Lemon
Eyes: Buzzeri Arcane Eyes in Pitch // Lips: .{PSYCHO:Bytes} Hecate Lipstick in Purple ( Thank you Psy ❤ )
Necklace: REIGN Gem Necklace in Bubblegum
Shades: REIGN Summer Lovin’ Shades No. 24 (gacha item)
Hair: +elua+ Lapis // Flushed Cheeks: VileCult Flushed ( @ ~ Cosmetic Fair ~ )
Choker: .{PSYCHO:Bytes}. Pentagram Choker in Pastel
Crop Top: The Little Bat Lip Crop Top ( @ ~ Retro Rewind ~ ) –Open– ( Thank you Dru ❤ )
Bracelets: The Little Bat Rubber Bracelets ( @ ~ Retro Rewind ~ ) –Open– ( Thank you Dru ❤ )
Shorts: Addams Electra Denim Shorts


His Pussycat

Listening to: Sia – Unstoppable


Pose: [La Baguette] Fallen Pose No. 9
Fur: Gabriel OffShoulder Black Fur RARE (gacha item)
Choker: Revoul Witch Choker RARE (gacha item)
Bodysuit: [Haste] Akusa Bodysuit in Black ( @ ~ The Crossroads ~ )
Hair: !Oleander ~ Tegan Hair
Septum Piercing: -SU!- Septum Piercing Metal
Ears: Beusy Salem Ears (comes with Salem hair) ( @ ~ The Crossroads ~ )
Earrings: .random.Matter. Narina Earrings in Onyx ( @ ~ The Chapter Four ~ )
Tattoo: *Bolson* Serra & Eli
Eyes: {S0NG} Blue Eye & Lavi Eye ( @ ~ The Crystal Heart Festival ~ )
Blood: .{VileCult}. Nose Leak Blood