heart full of love

this blog post features the crone.’s bitten tattoo & .:pulse:.’s baronnista dress at the coven event’s cuffed & collared round, open until february 28th.

curtains: +half-deer+ fairy curtain in white
chair: +half-deer+ bunny ear chair in white
headband: m.birdie heart party! headband A (gacha item)
hair: .entwined. cora in grayscales
lips: {s0ng} fluffy lipstick for catwa
bite marks: the crone. bitten tattoo for maitreya & omega appliers @the coven event. (the coven event runs until february 28th). original hand drawn textures. the crone. marketplace is here.
dress + harness + panties: .:pulse:. baronnista dress for maitreya mesh bodies in red @the coven event. (the coven event runs until february 28th). available in army, black, nude pink, purple, teal, white, wine, & blue.
boots: #empire broom boots



flower girl

sunflowers: the little branch sunflowers
hair: .entwined. ellira in grayscales
tattoo: dysphoria solstitium tattoo for omega & genesis appliers and classic layers. 3 tones – fresh, healed & old.
lingerie: *dirty princess* the saintly princess lingerie in angel
sunflowers, holding: :moon amore: sunflower bouquette (included with the :moon amore: soleil dress)


head in the clouds

this blog post features wednesday [+]‘s taeyeon eyebrows & first kiss lipglosses at blush. thank you miko!

branches & petals: +half-deer+ climbing rose vine in emerald
hair: fabia jenny hair in black & white & .entwined. brooklyn in grayscales
eyebrows: wednesday [+] taeyeon eyebrows for catwa (12 colors) at blush. blush is open until february 18th.
eyelashes: wednesday [+] blooming eyelashes for catwa
lips: wednesday [+] first kiss lipgloss for catwa (9 gloss colors) at blush. blush is open until february 18th.
lollipop: catwa lollipop
mouth animations: comes with the catwa catya bento mesh head
hand animations: comes with the maitreya lara mesh body
collar: dirty princess precious princess collar
rings: yummy sweetheart rings at N21. N21 is open until february 12th.


I wanna be your end game

listening to: taylor swift – end game

hair: .entwined. melanie
eyelashes: wednesday [+] blooming eyelashes coming to the seasons story (catwa compatible only, 20 versions). the seasons story opens january 10th
dress: fashionably dead moody blooms dress in ivory flowers at collabor88
harness: united colors rose harness in pink (comes with the rose bra & panties/lingerie)
flowers/heart: +half-deer+ flower tealights in pink



listening to: florence and the machine – which witch

hair: .entwined. zoe in grayscales
eyelashes: wednesday [+] everyday lashes
eyes: suicidal unborn darcey eyes – mesh eyes w/catwa & omega appliers
tears: kms animated tears & altair*‘s loony’s delicious tears
ears: ^^swallow^^ pixie ears
makeup: wednesday [+] highlighter & undereye blushes at etoile for catwa only, comes in 4 shades each (opens january 5th)
lip piercing: code-5 alegra bento piercing




not amused

listening to: disclosure – you & me (flume remix)

hair: .entwined. amelia in grayscales
eyelashes: [okkbye] dramatic falsies for catwa
eyes: suicidal unborn hadria eyes – mesh eyes w/catwa & omega appliers
eyeliner: suicidal unborn essential eyeliner (gacha)
tattoo: { speakeasy } x dappa rot tattoo
necklace: yummy pentagram pendant in silver
cardigan: oubliette penty cardigan sweater in onyx at suicide dollz
top: oubliette essential lace bralette (comes with a color-changing hud) at suicide dollz
skirt: oubliette skully pinstripe dia skirt at suicide dollz for maitreya, freya, slink physique & hourglass, isis, venus, & tmp mesh bodies at suicide dollz



loving you was like loving the dead

listening to: type o negative – black no. 1 (little miss scare all)

backdrop: anxiety lunacy (the landmark is a temporary location)
cross sign: the horror! sin cross neon sign
hair: .entwined. cora in grayscales
facial tattoo: .identity. body shop rough love for catwa & omega appliers
eyes: bloom zombie eye collection for catwa at suicide dollz
eyelashes: [okkbye] hirueth lashes
lips: nar mattaru mystic lips in essential reds for catwa
blood: the white crow shattered
harness: razor infinity body suit for maitreya, freya, & isis mesh bodies at suicide dollz
skulls: :::chicchia::: skull gena


santa had an accident, christmas is canceled

listening to: doobie – nikki sixx

this blog post features +psycho barbie+’s  december group gift, the ‘I killed santa’ top. If you’re not already a group member, its 100L to join, then the gift is free.

hair: .entwined. ellira in grayscales
eyes: suicidal unborn luminous no. 2 – mesh eyes w/catwa & omega appliers
lips: izzie’s smeared lipstick for catwa
choker: [ abrasive ] death’s grasp choker in dark
top: +psycho barbie+ I killed santa top for freya, isis, lara, slink hourglass & physique and venus mesh bodies (free group gift, 100L to join). You can shop the store in-world or on the marketplace, but you’re only able to earn the 10% store credit when you shop in-world.
blood: izzie’s face & body blood & wounds for catwa, omega & maitreya appliers
thong: :::insanya::: black thong
boots: foxes riley boots in black
rings: yummy nightmare rings
backdrop: remarkable oblivion ‘the rack’ (item from the horror house. I own the whole set, its amazing)


the blood of my enemies

listening to: type o negative – black no. 1/little miss scare all

hair: .entwined. ellira in grayscales
eyes: suicidal unborn hadria eyes in midnight – mesh eyes w/catwa & omega appliers
piercing: suicidal unborn bento piercing set no. 2 for catwa catya
collar: eclat velvet choker – with or w/o babygirl
wax: nox. melted wax tattoo for omega appliers
fur: .:villena:. pelted fur jacket in cranberry sauce (holiday group gift, free to join)
thong: :::insanya::: black thong


down for whatever

listening to: blutengel – dancing in the light

this blog post features dappa‘s sasuke tattoo coming to mancave on december 10th. for omega, slink & tmp appliers in faded and fresh versions.

pose: ::m e o w p o s e s:: sensual pose pack no. 2
hair: .entwined. jana in grayscales
eyes: suicidal unborn hadria eyes in midnight – mesh eyes w/catwa & omega appliers
eyeshadow: #adored helaa shadows doomsday edition for catwa
collar: //naberius// the manticore collar in black – comes with an rlv version
tattoo: dappa sasuke tattoo at mancave, opening december 10th. for signature, slink, omega & tmp appliers – comes with faded & fresh versions.
harness: moon elixir occultist top in onyx
nipple piercings: //naberius// the manticore nipple piercings in black
corset: [cerberusxing] the iron maiden corset in black
panties: #empire panties (from the arcade ’16)
boots: [phedora+moda] lusty thigh highs in leather – comes with moda & phedora color huds