Listening to: Stevie Nicks – Rhiannon

Thank you Alexandria for my tattoo ♡

Poses: [La Baguette]‘s Fallen poses
Hair: +SpellBound+ Hecate in Monochromes
Collar: [CerberusXing] Yule Lord Collar in Obsidian
Harness: -Pixicat- Bastet Harness RARE
Bra & Panties: [CerberusXing] The Iron Maiden Top & Panty in Black
Piercing: [CerberusXing] Lance Piercing in Black
Eyes: [POUT!] Horror Eye Collection (for Catwa)
Face Paint: {aii} War Paint (for Omega applier)
Lips: DAZED. Confused Lips in Red (for Catwa)
Headpiece: ERSCH Pain Crown v1 in Black
Tattoo: . W X T C H B A B Y . Familiar (for Omega applier) (@Somber Event) – opens June 13th – *There will be two . W X T C H B A B Y . tattoos available at Somber, the other is Pendulum, which is not shown here.



I’m a good girl, sometimes.

Listening to: Aesthetic Perfection – LAX (Mr. Kitty Remix)

For PowderPack info, please visit the PowderPack website or their in-world location here. I’ve already done previous posts on some of the items below, so check older blog posts please.

Pose: .GlamRus. Hadlee No. 7
Top: I forget…it was an omega applier shirt, very old in my inventory, sorry :O
Hair: Bold & Beauty Cecile
Necklace: .random.Matter. Tegrin necklace in Demonic [Onyx] ( Thank you Nikohl ❤ )
Skirt: -Pixicat- Flirty skirt in Glitter
Eyeliner: Le Forme Fab Catseye liner No. 2 for Catwa
Beautymarks: [okkbye] Dalmation Beauty Marks (for PowderPack February) ( Thank you Elisa & PowderPack ❤ )
Lashes: [okkbye] BabyDoll lashes (for PowderPack February) ( Thank you Elisa & PowderPack ❤ )
Eyes: Bold & Beauty Classic Eyes (for Catwa) (for PowderPack February) ( Thank you Jourdan & PowderPack ❤ )
Sneakers: .random.Matter. Tzuyu Sneaks in Onyx (Available in Snow, Rose, Onyx, and Bay & are resizeable) ( @ ~ The Chapter Four ~ ) –open until Feb. 28th– ( Thank you Nikohl ❤ )


Calm yourself

Listening to: Jack Johnson – Banana Pancakes

This current round of Collabor88 is Gym Chic, featuring unKindness‘  Yoga studio set. You have the option of purchasing the items individually, or as a full set for 888L. This set is completely adorable and the yoga mat comes with the cutest textures – in solids and patterns. It also has yoga poses and exercises built into the mat. See the details below and get a workout while shopping!

unKindness‘ Yoga Studio Set at Collabor88:
Mat Crate in Relax
Yoga Mat w/Pillow [Color-Changing]
Vibes and Tribes Sign
Inspiration Mirror
Spiritual Gangster Sign
Meditation Yoga Candle
Palm Incense Burner
Meditation Candle Olm
Brass Singing Bowl

floorplan. Stay Wild Chalkboard
junk. Round Boho rug in Brown
Soy. Chair with Sheep Fur in White
junk. Potted Tree
floorplan. Boho Ivy Planter in White
[NikotiN] Plant
junk. Redfern Chair in Mustard
PILOT Sofa Table in Walnut
8f8 Serene Sanctuary Bamboo rug (gacha item, look on MP)
SPELL Bowl with Healing Herbs (gacha item, look on MP)
floorplan. Be Ambitious
[PixelMode] The Artist’s Studio skybox

On me:
Hair: Blues. Perla in Naturals ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ )
Pants: Blueberry Yoga Pants
Top: -Pixicat- Active top in White

What you get from unKindness’ yoga set:
Yoga Mat Set – 2 Mat types (texture change) – 27 animations – 288L
Wall Art – 2 piece set – 188L
Mat Crates – 3 piece set – 188L
Bowl & Incense Set – 88L
Inspirational Mirror – 188L
Meditation Candles – 6 piece set – 188L

Full Set – 888L


A dark night in Salem, one foot into the abyss to bind the spell

Listening to: Kings of Leon – Closer

Pentagram: *PaperMoon* Devil Trap Decal in Worn (tintable)
Lantern: BALACLAVA Ghost Servant ( @ ~ Prism Events’ Salem ~ ) –Past Event, check mainstore
Chair: -Pixicat- Bastet Chair RARE (gacha item)
Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 55 No. 5
Skirt: Corvus Black Kamala Skirt ( Thank you Lori ❤ )
Top: Corvus Ina Top in White ( Thank you Lori ❤ )
Tattoo: TAOX Wild Spirit
Hair Magika Tonight [Hud 3]
Building: [PixelMode] The Artist’s Studio


Its better to be bad

Listening to: Blutengel – Dancing in the Light

Tattoo: ISUKA Batra & Leok ( Thank you Prince Ragnar ❤ )
Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 28 No. 7 // Hands: Clemmm Damaged Hands (for Slink)
Lips: PUMEC Lipstick Pack No. 7 for Catwa (@ ~ Winter Solstice ~ ) –Open
Hair: Magika Beans
Jeans: -Pixicat- Signe jeans in Faded Black
Top: Zombie Suicide Naughty Top ( 9 colors, with ‘naughty’ or plain option, xxs-L sizes as well as for Isis, Freya, Physique, Venus, Hourglass, TMP & Maitreya bodies ( @ ~ The Naughty List Shopping & Gacha Fair ~ ) –Open, Dec. 10th-31st– ( Thank you Isis Zamin ❤ )


I wish for this nighttime to last for a lifetime

Listening to: Nightwish – Sleeping Sun

Skin, Lips, Eyebrows & Eyeshadow: Autopsia Paler Girl skin 3 ( Thank you Necro ❤ )
Tattoo: .Absence. Awakening
Hair: Oleander Izzie (w/Snow) ( @ ~ Tannenbaum ~ )
Dress: -Pixicat- Thorn dress RARE (gacha item)
Eyes: :Conviction: Albino Eye & Suicidal Unborn Rika eye in Midnight
Earring: .random.Matter. Narina earring in Onyx


Standard procedure

Listening to: Kendrick Lamar – M.A.A.D. City

Cigarette: PFC Cigarette
Gun & Pose: Label Motion Agnes
Hair: Corvus Leah Hair Black & Streaks ( a gift for Third Life members) ( Thank you Lori ❤ )
Jacket: -Pixicat- Night jacket in Black
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet dress in Black
Necklace: [MANDALA] Shamira Dog Tag necklace // Lips: DRBC Apoca Lypstick in Closed Casket ( Thank you Dizzy ❤ )


Roses from my long, lost love

Listening to: Jamie xx – Loud Places

You can find this gorgeous platform by unKindness at 11:11. It is a new event based around supernatural/otherworldly concepts. It is gorgeous and you’re able to mod it/resize it.

Platform: unKindness Oracle Platform ( ~ @ 11:11 ~ ) ( Thank you Jamie ❤ )
Lights: [ keke ] Twinkle Pendel Bright Lights
Pose: Label Motion Sitting on Floor
Roses: (Yummy) Dying Roses (gacha item)
Boots: Essenz Pennsylvania in Black
Dress: -Pixicat- Crisp dress in Black
Hair: Lamb Prove It


La Regina

Listening toSon Lux – Pyre

Necklaces: Glam Affair Chainlink in Black/Silver & !dM LaSombra Vampire Necklace in Onyx/Silver
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet Dress in Red
Eyes: -SU!- Bleak Eyes in Infected
Blood: MeowAndStuff Brutal ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ )
Hair: Little Bones Vee ( @ ~ Uber ~ )
Headdress: SinfulSky La Muerte Headdress ( @ ~ The Nightmare Event ~ ) ( Thank you lady ❤ ) –Opens Oct. 1st


Death by Curiosity

Listening to: The Parlour Trick – Mare Desiderii

House: Apple Fall Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE (gacha item)
Small[er] Cauldrons: .Atomic. Small & Large Cauldron
Pentagram: +SpellBound+ Willow Pentagram & Death Row Designs Wiccan Pentagram (gacha items)
Blowing Leaves: {anc} Garden Bamboo Rain ( @ ~ TMD ~ ) –Past Event
Skeleton: [Con.&Floorplan] Medical Skeleton in Ivory
Ouija Board: Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion Ouija Board (gacha item)
Bloody Body: Death Row Designs Motel Body (gacha item)
Dolls: Remarkable Oblivion The Doll Maker – Bloody Mary, Debbie Downer, Evil Lynn, Misty Marsh (gacha items)
Cabinet: Remarkable Oblivion The Doll Maker Cabinet RARE (gacha item)
Skulls: Sherlock’s Skull Friend (not for sale) (Thank you Darius ❤ ), Apple Fall Springbok Skull, Kalopsia Blood Magic Skull
Chair: -Pixicat- Bastet Chair RARE (gacha item)
Table: Apple Fall Period Table

The MadPea Witching Hour Gacha exclusively for the October 2016 round of Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows. 12 commons & 2 RARES

What potions will you brew? What spells will you conjure? Collect all the bits from our Witching Hour set and be the envy of all the witches in Salem!

The Witching Hour – Cauldron (touch to activate boiling)
The Witching Hour – Malum (wearable item – touch to activate)

The Witching Hour – Book of Shadows (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Candle Tree (touch to light)
The Witching Hour – Eye of a Virgin (touch to open/take eye/close)
The Witching Hour – Goat Skull (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Palmistry Hand (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Potion Cabinet (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Ritual Knife (wearable item)
The Witching Hour – Spell Box (prop – touch to open/close)
The Witching Hour – Wall Sconce (touch to light)
The Witching Hour – Witch Drum (wearable, animated item – includes stick)
The Witching Hour – Witch’s Familiar (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Wooden Juju Doll (wearable item)

Please note MadPea gacha items are not eligible to be traded in for copy versions.

[ Pictured below ]

MadPea Witching Hour Wall Sconce
MadPea Witching Hour Book of Shadows
MadPea Witching Hour Cauldron RARE
MadPea Witching Hour Candle Tree
MadPea Witching Hour Potion Cabinet
MadPea Witching Hour Witch’s Familiar
MadPea Witching Hour Palmistry Hand
MadPea Witching Hour Goat Skull
MadPea Witching Hour Wooden JuJu Doll