Wrong incantation


Listening to: Matt Woods – In the Dark

Petite Mort is participating in the Trick or Treat Hunt! It runs from October 15th-31st. The Pumpkin Candy Bucket is free and available at the mainstore. When you TP, pick up the bucket and start hunting around the mainstore. You’ll be keeping an eye out for 5 prizes hidden inside candycorns around the shop, inside the shop, and around the shop grounds. All prizes are 10L! Good luck and happy early Halloween!


5 Prizes (10L each):
Conical hat- one size (modify)
Pentacle choker- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Flour sack peasant blouse- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Gypsy skirt & lace shawl- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Tassel booties- Slink high/Unrigged

Leaves: Skye Blowing Leaves
Pose: Label Motion Kirin Mochi Pose No. 5
Voodoo Doll: MadPea The Witching Hour Wooden JuJu ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) ( Thank you Mari❤ )
Frog: MadPea The Witching Hour Witch’s Familiar ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) ( Thank you Mari❤ )
Outfit: Petite Mort Trick or Treat Hunt – Flour Sack Peasant Top, Gypsy Skirt and Lace Shawl, Pentacle Choker, Conical Hat & Pumpkin Candy Bucket ( Thank you Melora❤ )
Hair: Little Bones Purr

Monster treats


Listening to: Miley Cyrus – Fly on the Wall

I freaking LOVE what Psy has made for .{PSYCHO:Byts}. at the Candy Fair! This post is so cute! I love the tail & wings especially because they are animated❤ Dawn also has some sexy as hell Thirst Trap shorts at Suicide Dollz which are omega appliers. I normally would wear black, but I loved the white against the black top I am wearing. Thank you ladies for letting me blog for you guys over the past year, it means a lot to me and I always have fun blogging for you!



Horns, Tail, Wings, Tongue, Ice Cream: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. IceCream Monster ( @ ~ The Candy Fair ~ ) –Oct. 17th-31st– ( Thank you Psy❤ )
*The wings & tail I am wearing are RARES.
*The gacha itself is 50L per play
*A gift is available! The .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Mouth Melting – 6 mouth melting tattoos with appliers for Catwa, Slink Visage, Omega & system layers) ..also including a picture so you can see what it looks like. I’ll more than likely blog it later on at some point cause I love melty, creepy things :p
*Also available from .{PSYCHO:Byts}. are the Melted Creepers which are unisex sneakers. I will be blogging them in another post, but I’ll include the ad below so you can see what they look like in case you shop early.

Shorts: R A N S O M Thirst Trap Shorts in White ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) ( Thank you Dawn❤ )
*Omega appliers…in white, baby pink, black, neon green, neon yellow & rainbow

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ring Set: Kibitz Skelly Ring Set in Onyx ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ ) (Maitreya & Slink Gesture hands only – otherwise you will have a pain in the ass time of adjusting them manually)
Top: [Pumpkin] Knot Crop Top in Black ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ )
Hair: [monso] My Hair Zuyu in Blondes ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ )





Listening to: Bon Iver – Blood Bank

Pose: [La Baguette] KittyCat II Poses
Shirt: erratic / Julia Boyfriend Shirt in Red Plaid ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Eyes: Clemmm Hollow Eyes
Deer Headdress: CURELESS&DISORDERLY Deerie Headdress in Brown ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Hair: Blues. Pumpkin ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) –open until the 31st




Listening to: Hozier – Cherry Wine

Dress: Salt & Pepper Blair Dress in White ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ )
Fox: Salt & Pepper Immortal Fox ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) (HUD included) –open until the 31st
Eyes: Clemmm Hollow Eyes
Hair: .Entwined. Lila
Bloody Nose: The Horror! ~ Corpse Scars & Bruises in Flushed ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) –Past Event
Pose: .GlamRus. Abigail


A restless haunting


Listening to: The Lumineers – Ophelia

“Ah ah, when I was younger, should have known better.
And I don’t feel no remorse.”


Sponsored by .random.Matter., available at The Epiphany Oct. 15th:
Thank you Nikohl❤

Drapes: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Drapery
Fireplace: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Fireplace RARE
Picture above fireplace: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Dolly Exclusive
Hand Candle: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Hand Candle
Wall Branch: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Wall Branches
Table: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Table
Sofa: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Sofa RARE
Pillows: .random.Matter. Paint it Black Pillows in Baroque & Skulls

Other Items:
Cobwebs: Kalopsia Cobwebs
Pentagram: *Paper Moon* Devil Trap Decal in Worn
Bat Jar: .random.Matter. Bat Droppings (gacha)
Lights: *Botanical* Decorative Lights
Pentagram on floor: Death Row Designs Wiccan Pentagram (gacha)
Rug: Birdy Altar Set Rug (gacha)
Skull: {Arcana Antiques & Oddities} Skull in Bell Jar (store closed)
Books: Medieval Fantasy Old Book Collection
Crystal Ball: flowey x Teawood Crystal Ball
Candle: Birdy Altar Set Candelebra in Black (gacha)
House: .Entity. Black House // Bookshelves: Apple Fall Kensington Bookcase

A dying rose


Listening to: Snow Ghosts – And the World Was Gone

Poses: *Purple Poses* Lisanna No. 3 & Overlow Pose Pack No. 70
Tattoo: *Bolson* Serra
Hair: !Oleander ~ Kkyung
Harness: Zombie Suicide Dante Harness ( @ ~ Anybody ~ ) –open– ( Thank you Isis Zamin❤ )
Lingerie: {Luxuria} Rosalie Lingerie in Black
Rose: SinfulSky Dead Rose ( @ ~ The Mad Circus Event ~ ) –open– 10L gift ( Thank you Roxy❤ )


No pulse


Listening toThe Birthday Massacre – Red Star

Neon Sign: VileCult GoreGoreGore Neon Sign ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ )
Statue in Bloody Bath: Remarkable Oblivion Spook Show Ida Ink Mannequin ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –Past Event
Medic Kit: Wednesday[+] ~ Medkit Exclusive from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Blood Bag: Wednesday[+] Blood Bag (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Medic Hat: =Zenith= Medic Hat in Black
Bloody Hands & Fingers: Wednesday[+] Krueger Fingers RARE from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Collar: Wednesday[+] Heart Attack Cervical Collar in Red ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Electrodes: Wednesday[+] Electrodes in Red (Dead Version) ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Medic Sign: {anc} Dark Room Photo Paper
Dress: =Zenith= Medic Dress in White RARE
Corpse: [Medieval Fantasy] Surgical Table with Corpse (uncovered)
Thermometer: Wednesday[+] Thermometer in Beige (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko❤ )
Nosebleed: VileCult Scarlett Nosebleed
Blush: [MIKO] Doll House Blush in Soft Jelly
Eyeliner: [MIKO] Bunny Toki Liner No. 2 in Cat Eyes
Bloody Face: [MIKO] Bloody Artist Face
Hair: Little Bones Purr
Eyes: {S0NG} Hyun in Grey & Sugar in Abyss
Pose: Label Motion Sit Floor (pack of 6)