I just wanted to take the time to thank all of my followers for sticking with me for the past two years, and to the new ones I’ve gained recently. I don’t think I have given you all a special shout out yet, or if I have, I can’t remember and it’s been a while. I have always led a quite secondlife, probably boring to most. I stick to the same small group of friends and spend my time roaming sims. I started blogging as a creative outlet, starting from scratch and no sponsors with items just from my inventory. Over time, I was given so much support and encouragement, eventually had sponsors, and was pushed to be more creative. I’ll never forget the first person to give me photography tips was Yannick Whoa (Yann Whoa)❤  I don’t take the best pictures and my graphic quality is the best it can be with a laptop/non-gaming pc, however I always have tried to have my posts reflect expression and portray a sense of wonder. It makes me extremely happy to blog, and I have always tried to be consistent and provide you all with accurate links and as much information as I can. Sometimes there are misconceptions about blogging in SL, most often I find…people assume that because you have sponsors, you never have to pay for anything you own. While yes, the sponsors always provide the products, it takes a lot of L to complete a blog post. If I am not blogging at a particular location or with a studio backdrop behind me, I have paid for all the items not sponsored – furniture, landscaping, décor, etc.

My style has always been dark, weird, different…and I have received so much criticism and dislike for simply being myself. But that has driven me even more to do what I enjoy, to not settle for what’s an accepted, ‘normal’ stereotype, and to make my Second Life what I want it to be, regardless of others’ opinions. That is what I wish for all of you, and I hope that whether you are able to pull items from my blog and style yourself, or whether you just like coming here to look at the pictures or listen to the music, that you always remember you are the best because there is no one in the world like you. Do what makes you happy and you will find your life will be much happier as a result❤ Lastly, opinions, while important at times, never reflect who you are and you should never allow someone else to define you! Likewise, don’t surround yourself with shitty people all for the sake of having a certain reputation.

Thank you so much for the support, thank you to my sponsors for sticking with me, and if there is anything in particular you would like to see/a certain style, feel free to leave a comment and I will keep that in mind for the future. Also, I tend to wear a few of the same items repetitively, so I try not to continuously blog the credits. However, if you ever cannot find a particular item or have questions on anything I post, please feel free to IM me in-world at Pentacles666. If I don’t get back to you, its likely my IMs were capped and you should try again or perhaps send me a notecard.

Nearing almost 10,000 views and 300 followers is just amazing. Have a wonderful week!! I love you guys❤


Listening to: The Pussycat Dolls – Stickwithu

I’m kinda obsessed with this adorable pose and phone from PSYCHO:Byts which is available at the PoserLover & Friends Event. Psi has two packs out and they are all precious. Definitely check them out! Also this adorable little kitty bodysuit is the latest release from Forever Young at the Dressing Room! There are so many good events going on right now, take some time to explore everything out there on the grid! *Mews*


Pose & Phone: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Ailsa ( @ ~ PoseLover & Friends Event ~ ) ( Thank you Psi❤ ) July 15th-31st
Bodysuit: Forever Young Kat Bodysuit in Purple ( @ ~ The Dressing Room ~ ) ( Thank you Hannah❤ ) Opened July 16th
Ears: Stockholm&Lima Neon Kitty Ears
Hair: pr!tty Lisa (Mainstore under construction)
Popper: .random.Matter. Kitten Ham Popper in Blue/Black
Whiskers: Catseye Whiskers
Tail: c( TC ) { Lemon Tea } Somali Neko Tail

Listening to: MØ – Final Song // Location: Ocho Tango Place

Petite Mort is in the latest round of Tres Chic’s theme ‘Boho Glam.’ It started today and runs until the 10th of August. You can pick up her exclusive Henna Slip Dress in a variety of colors. Available for the Slink & Maitreya bodies, fitmesh and the classic system avatar. I always have loved the bohemian vibe from Petite Mort’s clothing❤


Necklace: Yummy! Spring Butterfly Necklace in Yellow
Choker: LUXE Pyramid Necklace in Gold
Hat: [ ariskea ] Belle Choco Hat
Jacket: AMITOMO Leather Jacket
Hair: MOON Boa
Dress: Petite Mort Black Henna Slip Dress ( @ ~ Tres Chic ~ ) ( Thank you Melora❤ ) July 17th-August 10th

Listening to: William Fitzsimmons – I Don’t Feel It Anymore

This singer is amazing…I just happen to have a taste for melancholic, haunting music. It is gorgeous, these lyrics omg❤ I love anything that brings intense passion and bares the soul, and often times sad songs do that for me. Take the time to listen.

As far as for what I’m wearing….I am super picky with tattoos but kinda in love with this one from Identity. The cute little septum piercing is the latest group gift from Zombie Suicide, and the romper is by .epoch. which is available at Fi*Friday. I love .epoch. partakes in Fi*Friday ’cause its one more reason to have a great weekend. Enjoy it, hopefully you guys get to relax, shop, be couch potatoes…🙂


Tattoo: .Identity. Avant Garde
Cuffs: *MUKA* Cuff Love
Chest Horns: .DirtyStories. Dragon Inside Horns
Romper: .epoch. Lilyann Romper in Black ( @ ~ Fi*Friday ~ ) ( Thank you Lylah❤ )
Septum Piercing: Zombie Suicide Orion ~ Group Gift ~( Thank you Isis Zamin❤ )
Ring: Zombie Suicide Ouija Pendant ( Thank you Isis Zamin❤ )
Pose: BellePoses Cute Umbrella
Umbrella: Le Morte Twisted Dreams // Hair: Lelutka Heather in Blue Rinse
Necklace: Death Row Designs Skeleton Hands // Collar: :[P]: Krysis Collar :// Bonded Love in Black

Listening toBanks – F*ck ‘Em Only We Know

These adorable Forever Famous kitty ears and collar will be featured at this upcoming round of *ROMP* opening tomorrow,  July 15th! The Luna ears, Usagi & Guardian collars come in a variety of colors and are perfect for a girly, sensual, kawaii look, based off of Lexie’s love for Sailor Moon. I hope you have a great time shopping, it’s gonna be so good!❤

In case anyone is wondering – I am still collared🙂 I hide my collar when I blog so that I can wear different items of jewelry, etc. But it never ever comes off ’cause I’m a good girl❤


Bra: erratic / Scarlett Bra in Black
Pose: Overlow Poses
Ears: Forever Famous Luna Ears in Mercury ( @ ~ *ROMP* ~ ) ( Thank you Lexie❤ ) Opens July 15th
Collar: Forever Famous Guardian Collar in Mercury ( @ ~ *ROMP* ~ ) ( Thank you Lexie❤ ) Opens July 15th
Necklace: .ARISE. Moon Necklace in Silver&Black
Eyes: -SU!- Yuna Eyes in Sapphire
Hair: Little Bones True
Whiskers: Catseye Whiskers

Listening to: Banks – Fuck with Myself

This adorable nurse outfit will be in the upcoming round of *ROMP* by Violetility! The dildo is worn on the hand and makes a vibrating noise when you click it. The bed comes with solo, cuddles, couple, foreplay poses and more! The skirt is only available for the Slink Hourglass, Slink male and Slink Physique mesh bodies. *ROMP* opens July 15th, so the slurl will be provided then. Please check back❤

Thank you Kenzi for this fucking awesome song❤ I love Banks


Pose: . Infiniti . Good Girl No. 7 (mainstore under construction)
Sink: {anc} Darkroom Vintage Sink RARE
Sign: Seven Emporium Private Session
Coat Rack: NOMAD Doctor’s Coat Rack
Bed: Violetility Naughty Medical Bed ( @ ~ ROMP ~ ) ( Thank you Gwen❤ ) Opens July 15th
Nurse Outfit & Dildo: Violetility Nurse FeelGood ( @ ~ ROMP ~ ) ( Thank you Gwen❤ ) Opens July 15th
Collar: *MUKA* Collar Love // Hair: Oleander Tegan Hair

Listening to: William Fitzsimmons – Passion Play

This is absolutely not my kind of style hahaha but I enjoy playing dress up! SPIRIT is one of my favorite stores, all of their clothes look amazing on your avi, so naturally I got their overalls. Unfortunately the store that made this necklace is no longer in SL, but omg they had the best jewelry! I miss shopping there. Hope some of you can pull some stuff from this outfit. It’s good not to be goth 24/7 I suppose. Not really..❤


Pose: [La Baguette] Soiree No. 5
Bandana: LaGyo Mary Bow Bandana in Polka Dots Red
Straw: TC Chew Straw Stick Branch
Bra: SPIRIT Mema Bra ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Overalls: SPIRIT Mema Denim Overalls ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Choker: Amala Tattoo Choker in White
Hair: Lamb Temptation
Eyes: -SU!- Yuna Eyes in Sapphire
Eyeshadow: Veechi Luster Glam Shadow ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Necklace: a m o r o u s // Not Granny’s Necklace (store closed)

Listening to: Down Like Silver – Pasture

This is the adorable DRBC Farrah dress in Noir❤ I love the detail in the lace ruffle at the bottom. This dress comes in a variety of colors and patterns as well. Also featured is the Serendipity Invitation pose (No. 1) available at the Pose Lover & Friends Event. Suicidal Unborn has this incredible nosebleed I had to pick up, and I was loving the jewelry at Collabor88’s current round. Hope you have fun shopping❤


Pose: Serendipity Invitation No. 1 ( @ ~ Pose Lover&Friends Event ~ ) ( Thank
you Ariella!❤ )
Hair: Exile Minutes in Reverse ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Barcelona Boho ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Dress: DRBC Farrah Dress in Noir ( Thank you Dizzy!❤ )
Choker: Amala Tattoo Choker in Black
Nosebleed: -SU!- Nosebleed (for Catwa & Logo mesh heads) // Eyes: -SU!- Isobel Eyes in Midnight
Arm Strap: *katat0nik* Arm Strap ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )
Eyeshadow: Veechi Jeweled Treasure Shadow ( @ ~ Collabor88 ~ )

Listening to: Dark Music – The Daughter of Darkness // Location: Reflections of Eden

This incredibly amazing dress is a new release from DRBC, the Freya dress in Beetlejuice! It comes in Noir and various patterns. DRBC also released the Farrah dress which I will be posting to another blog post in just a few minutes. I absolutely ADORE this dress❤ I was wanting to go for a Tim Burton-inspired theme, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children came to mind. I hope you enjoy this spooky outfit. Featured below are some of my other favorites designers.


Pose: Serendipity Curious No. 1 ( @ ~ Pose Lover&Friends Event ~ ) ( Thank you Ariella!❤ )
Hair: Beusy Starlet ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ ) Opens July 15th
Flower: Aesthetica Glimpse Facinator in Silver
Collar: DAZED. Afterlife Collar in Raven (store closed?)
Dress: DRBC Freya Dress in Beetlejuice ( Thank you Dizzy!!❤ )
Earrings: .random.Matter. Rumar Earrings in Onyx
Necklace: .random.Matter. Jaqen Necklace in Black
Cuffs: *MUKA* Cuff Love // Hands: Clemmm Damaged Hands
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } Ludos ( @ ~ Kustom9 ~ ) Opens July 15th
Eyes: -SU!- Yuna Eyes in Sapphire
Septum Bone: Le Morte Mortal Remains
Runny Mascara: Just Gigi Runny Eyeliner Tears (for Catwa only)
*Lip color came with the CATWA Mesh Head

Listening to: Cat Power – Sea of Love // Location: Flux Sur Mer

“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living beings, humanity will not find peace” – Albert Schweitzer

I am a huge animal lover and was sincerely grateful that I was asked to take part in the Rally to Rescue event, whose profits will be donated in entirety to help abused animals. All of my pets have been rescues. How Rally to Rescue works is very simple, you wear the HUD and teleport to the participating stores who are featuring their Rally to Rescue item in their store. I am wearing two items from 7 Mad Ravens which you will see featured below.

I also want to include some animal charities that I am a huge RL advocate for and make monthly donations to:

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue // The Humane Society of the United States // International Animal Rescue // World Wildlife Fund / American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals // The Nature Conservancy. While I have donated to PETA in the past, I am not a fan of their protests and (sometimes) hateful advocacy.

The Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is a no kill shelter in the greater Atlanta area of Georgia. They rescue dogs and cats and give incredible, frequent updates on the animals there. You are also able to adopt or foster one of the animals (check their facebook page for more information). The animals rescued often need very expensive medical procedures or money for their food, etc. When you donate, there is an area to specify which animal you wish your funds to go to. You can be 100% confident that they indeed do go to the animals and this group of staff are absolutely wonderful! Your donation is also tax-deductible.

The International Animal Rescue is a British charity which focuses on the rehabilitation of (mostly) endangered species. Their main rehabilitation center is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. I am sponsoring a Slow Loris named Maurice in hopes that he can soon return to the wild. Most of those animals have been rescued either because they’ve been injured or were rescued from poachers. You can ‘adopt/sponsor’ an animal and will receive e-mail updates on their progress (I strongly suggest you choose e-mail over the mail & sponsor package to save their money from not having to be spent on postage).

Thank you for taking the time to read this far, this means so much to me❤


Pose: [ La Baguette ] Kawaii No. 5
Bulldog: [Black Bantam] Female Pitbull Puppy
Bulldog Sign: 7mad Ravens Tagged Bulldog ( @ ~ Rally to Rescue ~ ) Thank you so much❤
T-Shirt: 7mad Ravens The Bulls Tee ( @ ~ Rally to Rescue ~ ) Thank you so much❤
Jeans: Blueberry Pizza Jeans
Choker: Amala Tattoo Choker in Black
Hair: =DeLa*= Sylvie
Hands: Clemmm Damaged Hands

Please remember the Rally to Rescue items are in the designers’ mainstores. Use the HUD which I have linked above to get around❤ This event will close July 12th.