La Regina


Listening toSon Lux – Pyre

Necklaces: Glam Affair Chainlink in Black/Silver & !dM LaSombra Vampire Necklace in Onyx/Silver
Dress: -Pixicat- Bastet Dress in Red
Eyes: -SU!- Bleak Eyes in Infected
Blood: MeowAndStuff Brutal ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ )
Hair: Little Bones Vee ( @ ~ Uber ~ )
Headdress: SinfulSky La Muerte Headdress ( @ ~ The Nightmare Event ~ ) ( Thank you lady❤ ) –Opens Oct. 1st


Death by Curiosity


Listening to: The Parlour Trick – Mare Desiderii

House: Apple Fall Gatekeepers’ Lodge RARE (gacha item)
Small[er] Cauldrons: .Atomic. Small & Large Cauldron
Pentagram: +SpellBound+ Willow Pentagram & Death Row Designs Wiccan Pentagram (gacha items)
Blowing Leaves: {anc} Garden Bamboo Rain ( @ ~ TMD ~ ) –Past Event
Skeleton: [Con.&Floorplan] Medical Skeleton in Ivory
Ouija Board: Death Row Designs Mystery Mansion Ouija Board (gacha item)
Bloody Body: Death Row Designs Motel Body (gacha item)
Dolls: Remarkable Oblivion The Doll Maker – Bloody Mary, Debbie Downer, Evil Lynn, Misty Marsh (gacha items)
Cabinet: Remarkable Oblivion The Doll Maker Cabinet RARE (gacha item)
Skulls: Sherlock’s Skull Friend (not for sale) (Thank you Darius❤ ), Apple Fall Springbok Skull, Kalopsia Blood Magic Skull
Chair: -Pixicat- Bastet Chair RARE (gacha item)
Table: Apple Fall Period Table

The MadPea Witching Hour Gacha exclusively for the October 2016 round of Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows. 12 commons & 2 RARES

What potions will you brew? What spells will you conjure? Collect all the bits from our Witching Hour set and be the envy of all the witches in Salem!

The Witching Hour – Cauldron (touch to activate boiling)
The Witching Hour – Malum (wearable item – touch to activate)

The Witching Hour – Book of Shadows (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Candle Tree (touch to light)
The Witching Hour – Eye of a Virgin (touch to open/take eye/close)
The Witching Hour – Goat Skull (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Palmistry Hand (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Potion Cabinet (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Ritual Knife (wearable item)
The Witching Hour – Spell Box (prop – touch to open/close)
The Witching Hour – Wall Sconce (touch to light)
The Witching Hour – Witch Drum (wearable, animated item – includes stick)
The Witching Hour – Witch’s Familiar (static prop)
The Witching Hour – Wooden Juju Doll (wearable item)

Please note MadPea gacha items are not eligible to be traded in for copy versions.

[ Pictured below ]

MadPea Witching Hour Wall Sconce
MadPea Witching Hour Book of Shadows
MadPea Witching Hour Cauldron RARE
MadPea Witching Hour Candle Tree
MadPea Witching Hour Potion Cabinet
MadPea Witching Hour Witch’s Familiar
MadPea Witching Hour Palmistry Hand
MadPea Witching Hour Goat Skull
MadPea Witching Hour Wooden JuJu Doll


A monster like me


Listening to: Eminem ft. Rihanna – The Monster // Location: Ironwood Hills

Pose: Overlow Pose Pack 59 No. 5
Bra, Panties & Dress: R A N S O M Not Today Satan ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) ( Thank you Dawn❤ )
Chokers: +SpellBound+ Crystal Choker (Dark) & tapi Penta Choker
Tattoo: DAPPA Purveyor Tattoo
Hair: Magika Careful
Ooze: ::MeowAndStuff:: Taste of Death ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ )


Evening twilight


Listening to: Bon Iver – Creature Fear // Location: Transylvania Cultural Center

Cigarette: [kunst] Cigarette & Holder No. 4
Hair: Little Bones Fame
Dress: ~Black Arts~ Luna Dress
Pose: Label Motion Megan No. 3
Fur: Gabriel Off Shoulder Fur (gacha item)
Necklace: .random.Matter. Pheron Necklace in Gold
Collar: .random.Matter. Ardic Bone Collar
Earring.random.Matter. Narina Earring in Onyx
Moles: [LF] My Sweety Moles V.1


Black magic


Listening to: Anilah – Medicine Chant

Moon Jewel: T.arnished Dark Moon Jewel
Hair: Little Bones Feline
Tattoo: Nar Mattaru Illuminatus Tattoo
Dress: LAZYBONES Fernanda Dress in Black (could not find a LM nor a link to their MP)
Fedora: +SpellBound+ Wednesday Fedora (comes with the Wednesday hair)
Collar: DAZED. Afterlife Collar in Raven (store closed)
Choker: .random.Matter. Halek Choker in Onyx (Thank you Nikohl❤ )
Earrings: .random.Matter. Abaddon Earrings in Black
Septum: .DirtyStories. Magic Septum (in-world LM temporarily unavailable)
Fur: *COCO* Fur Shoulder Cape in Black


Wicked ways


Listening to: Reaper – Totengräber

Top: .epoch. Jinx Top in Witch ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) –Open– (Thank you Lylah❤ )
Panties: .epoch. Jinx Panties in Skulls ( @ ~ Suicide Dollz ~ ) –Open– (Thank you Lylah❤ )
Shoulder Pads: .DirtyStories. Goth Queen Shoulder Pads (In-world LM temporarily unavailable)
Septum: MONS Dreamer Septum Style 1 in Silver (gacha item)
Moon Bindi: MONS Moon Bindi Style 1 in Silver (gacha item)
Hair: Magika Stay the Night // Gloves: +Psycho Barbie+ Skeleton Gloves
Collar: DAZED. Afterlife Collar in Raven (store closed)