Hurt me

Listening to: Natalia Kills – Wonderland

Thank you to [MODA], Zombie Suicide & [CerberusXing] for my sponsored items featured below. ❤

Hair: [Mello] Touch of Magic Ultra RARE (@ Hairology) –Ends March 30th
Earrings: .random.Matter. Narina Earrings in Onyx
Bruises: G.ID Trauma (I can’t find a working LM, sorry)
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn Luminous Eyes No. 2 (mesh eyes w/Catwa & Omega applier) (@ Applique)
Eyeliner: Zombie Suicide Hunni Shadows in Light (Also available in darks. Catwa & Omega appliers and system layers) (@The Secret Affair) –Ends Jan. 29th
Blood: Clemmm Nosebleed
Chair: BellePoses Burlesque Chair
Lingerie & Corset: [CerberusXing] Iron Maiden in Black (@The Arcade)
Collar: [CerberusXing] Heavy Duty Collar
Heels: [MODA] Bound Chain Platforms Special Edition V2 (for Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Maitreya, Physique, & Venus) [MODA]’s marketplace is here



No time for anything

Listening to: Katy Perry – Chained to the Rhythm

Thank you Nikohl Stull for the sponsored items featured below. ❤

.random.Matter. Lazy Day Set @Collabor88
ft. Pizza, Take Away, TV & Bean Bag Chair in Pink

.random.Matter. Dorm Life Set @The Arcade
ft. Clothes Rack in Pink RARE, Desk in Pink, Desk Chair in Black, Laptop in Black, Mini Fridge in Pink, Night Light in White, Shoe Rack RARE, Soju Bottles, Textbooks, Wall Art

.random.Matter. Neon Sign Set @SanaRae
ft. Get Out JP RARE & Pervert KR in Blue

Space: Scarlet Creative Art Cabin
Fuzzy Chair: Soy. Chair with Sheep Fur [White]
Pitbull: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Young Pitbull in Brinde (@Rally to Rescue) –ends March 20th
Shisha Set: Soy. Shisha [Liquid Night]
Magazines: Soy.Soy. Cluttered Magazines


I like it spooky

Listening to: Florence and the Machine – Never Let Me Go

This beautiful Sn@tch Shelby Wrap dress is 69L this week, part of the Sn@tch specials! Grab it in the mainstore! I now have my NYE dress ❤ I hope you all have a very happy, healthy and wonderful new year filled with lots of darkness. Thank you for all the follows, comments and likes.

Ears: [CerberusXing] Yule Lord Ears ) ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Elysium eyes in Winter & Chimera
Eyeshadow: Cute Poison All Nighter makeup for Catwa
Septum Piercing: MONS Septum Ring (style46) in Silver RARE (gacha item)
Hair: Doe Miffy in Essentials RARE (gacha item)
Dress: Sn@tch Shelby Wrap Dress in Black (sizes xsmall-xlarge & for Slink, Maitreya & Belleza bodies. Available in Black, Purple, Taupe, Red, and Pink) ( Thank you Ivey ❤ )
Necklace: Cute Poison Spooky necklace in Black
Collar: Red Mint Posture Collar No. 4


Love doll

Listening to: Kerli – Walking on Air

Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 55 No. 6
Bodysuit: Salt & Pepper Cyberized Bodysuit RARE (gacha item)
Hair: Doe Saki (twotone) in Essentials RARE (gacha item)
Necklace: Zombie Suicide Pentagram Necklace ( Thank you Isis Zamin ❤ )
Tattoo: **UrbanStreet** Evil Eyes
Blood: [Fetch] Spoops makeup (for system layers, Slink Visage, Catwa & omega)
Septum: MONS Septum Ring (Style 46) in Silver RARE (gacha item)
Ears: [CerberusXing] Yule Lord Ears in Silver ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Collar: [CerberusXing] Yule Lord Collar in Obsidian ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Bow Cuff: [Fetch] Bow Cuffs (Animates/binds your wrists at the front or the back)


Miniature monster

Listening to: Lady Gaga/Chew Fu H1N1 Club Remix – Bad Romance

Pose: [La Baguette] Oupsie No. 3
Hands: Lovely Disarray Cursed Hands (for Maitreya, Omega, Slink & TMP)
Nails: .Atomic. Witchcraft nail appliers (for Slink)
Bloody Face: [Fetch] Spoops makeup
Harness: .Quirky. Muse Harness in White (common)(gacha item)
Bra: erratic Delice bra in Cherry
Hair: [Mello] Decayed Beauty in Blondes
Headband: CURELESS&DISORDERLY Dollhouse Survivors / Heads Tiara in Fragile (gacha item)
Ears: [CerberusXing] Yule Lord Ears RARE ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –Open
Eyes: [Buzzeri] Elysium eyes in Chimera & Winter
Fur: CURELESS [+] The Twelfth Night Alpine Fur in Pure ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –Open


The warmth of the holidays

Listening toTom Odell  – Grow Old With Me

The holidays are upon us! This blog post is featuring latest releases by .random.Matter. at Tannenbaum, opening November 25th and running through December 25th. Also featured, is .random.Matter.’s release at The Arcade, opening December 1st. These two events are always amazing and Nikohl makes the most beautiful decor! Please see the .random.Matter. advertisements for more items and details ❤ Enjoy it and happy season’s greetings!

Thank you so much Nikhol ❤

.random.Matter. Yuletide Mount in Onyx/Silver ( @ ~ Tannenbaum ~ )
.random.Matter. SnackAttack! Hot Pot RARE ( @ ~ the Arcade ~ )
.random.Matter. SnackAttack! Ramyeon ( @ ~ the Arcade ~ )
.random.Matter. SnackAttack! Onigiri ( @ ~ the Arcade ~ )
.random.Matter. SnackAttack! Biscuit Plate ( @ ~ the Arcade ~ )
.random.Matter. SnackAttack! Blueberry Milk ( @ ~ the Arcade ~ )

Sink Cabinet: Dust Bunny Small Spaces Kitchen sink cabinet
Shelf: Ionic Where is my Shelf? (gacha item)
Plant: [ keke ] Metal Box w/Thyme
Fireplace: Apple Fall Period Fireplace
Rug: Fancy Decor
Christmas Tree: Apple Fall Christmas Tree RARE (gacha item)
Candlesticks: Bazar Toronto Wire Candlesticks
Garland & Wreath: Bridget Lykin’s Fir Garland & Wreath
Painting: Fancy Decor Dutch Landscape
House: Scarlet Creative Burtonesque House // Table: PILOT Sofa Table in Walnut






No pulse

Listening toThe Birthday Massacre – Red Star

Neon Sign: VileCult GoreGoreGore Neon Sign ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ )
Statue in Bloody Bath: Remarkable Oblivion Spook Show Ida Ink Mannequin ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –Past Event
Medic Kit: Wednesday[+] ~ Medkit Exclusive from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Blood Bag: Wednesday[+] Blood Bag (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Medic Hat: =Zenith= Medic Hat in Black
Bloody Hands & Fingers: Wednesday[+] Krueger Fingers RARE from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Collar: Wednesday[+] Heart Attack Cervical Collar in Red ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Electrodes: Wednesday[+] Electrodes in Red (Dead Version) ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Medic Sign: {anc} Dark Room Photo Paper
Dress: =Zenith= Medic Dress in White RARE
Corpse: [Medieval Fantasy] Surgical Table with Corpse (uncovered)
Thermometer: Wednesday[+] Thermometer in Beige (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Nosebleed: VileCult Scarlett Nosebleed
Blush: [MIKO] Doll House Blush in Soft Jelly
Eyeliner: [MIKO] Bunny Toki Liner No. 2 in Cat Eyes
Bloody Face: [MIKO] Bloody Artist Face
Hair: Little Bones Purr
Eyes: {S0NG} Hyun in Grey & Sugar in Abyss
Pose: Label Motion Sit Floor (pack of 6)


I share pieces of my heart with everyone

Listening to: Elsiane – Vaporous

The MadPea ‘Be Mine’ Gacha Set was exclusively designed for the Gacha Garden which opens February 1st! There are 13 commons, 2 RARES and a Seed of Inspiration. The outfit I am wearing will be blogged below. Thank you so much to Kiana and the entire MadPea team for these beautiful items and passing love my way ❤

MadPea InfoHub // MadPea Flickr // MadPea Facebook // MadPea Blog // MadPea Website 

The 13 Commons are – MadPea Be Mine Pillow with hold animation
MadPea Be Mine Box of White Chocolate
MadPea Be Mine Box of Milk Chocolate
MadPea Be Mine Balloons with hold animation
MadPea Be Mine Mugs Red
MadPea Be Mine Mugs White
MadPea Be Mine Cupcakes
MadPea Be Mine Photo Frame
MadPea Be Mine Blocks
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 1
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 2
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 3
MadPea Be Mine Rose Bouquet – holdable

The 2 RARES are –

MadPea Be Mine Bow and Arrow RARE – A very special bow which targets the object of your desire and on your command sends them a very special message and gift.

MadPea Be Mine Wings RARE – Not just hearts will be aflutter with these cupidly angelic animated wings.

The Seed of Inspiration is – Seed of Inspiration – MadPea Be Mine Personalised Teddy Bear – This gorgeous bear can be personalised with yours or a loved ones name up to 14 characters. Simply complete the form enclosed with the Seed of Inspiration and return the bear to us and we’ll return a transferable, personalised bear to you within 48 hours. Keep for yourself or pass it on to your the special person in your SL.

Send the form to Pandagroov Windstorm with…

Your Avatar Name (not display name):

Personalisation (max 14 characters):

Please note: The offer to personalise is only available during February 2016. Notecards received without the bear will not be fulfilled…you MUST return the bear you received from the gacha machine. Personalisation is for a maximum of 14 characters including spaces.




Hair: Lelutka Deanna Hair
Outfit & Heels: *CK* Valentine Promises
Skybox: MadPea Hoodlums’ Hideout Skybox RARE
Pose: { PM} Winx // Wings: MadPea Be Mine Wings RARE  ( ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Sofa: Dust Bunny Camellia Couch
Cupcakes: MadPea Be Mine Cupcakes ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Balloons: MadPea Be Mine Balloons ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Lollipop: MadPea Be Mine Lollipop ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Rug: B.C.C. Emma’s Sweet Kitchen Rug in Red ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –PAST
Scattered Rose Petals

A Warm Heart Can Make the Best of Even the Coldest Winter

Listening to: Winter/Jazz/Lounge/Chillout/Sensual/Smooth


Cottage: Dust Bunny Poppy Cottage RARE ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Snow & Path: Studio Skye Enchanted Trail & Bolt-On Snow
Trees: Little Branch Conifer v3 {Seasons} ( @ ~ FAMEshed ~ )
Grass: Little Branch Grass Winter
Resting Horse: Remarkable Oblivion Sleigh Bells Butterscotch RARE ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Firewood: 8f8 Granny’s Winter Cottage Firewood // Street Lamp: PILOT Christmas Village 2
Mat & Wellies: {what next} Merry Welcome Mat // Mailbox: {what next} Black Winter Mailbox ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Sleigh: Remarkable Oblivion Sleigh Bells Sleigh RARE ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )
Standing Horse: Remarkable Oblivion Sleigh Bells Snowflake RARE ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ )