Princess of gore


Listening to: The Chainsmokers -Paris

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Irime Hair in Blonde
Eyes: :Conviction: Albino Eyes
Headdress: =Zenith= Breeze Painted Fungus & Flower Headdress RARE
Piercing & Bloody Dimples: [CerberusXing] Lance Piercing (The Dimple Marks are for Catwa & Omega appliers, with a Dimple Blood add-on & is tintable. The Rigged Bento Piercings are compatible with ALL Catwa Bento Heads – Catya, Daniel, Lilo, Kimberly and Lona. Un-rigged included for the others). (Mainstore release)
Collar: MONS Extreme Choker (style 1) in Silver
Bra: [CerberusXing] Sultry Kunoichi Bra in Silver/Silver (part of the Sultry Kunoichi set) (@Japonica). See previous blog post here.
Kimono: Addams // Victoria Kimono
Blood: Ama. Blood Splatter (for Maitreya, Omega, Slink Physique & system layers)



Ready for war


Listening to: Greenskeepers – Lotion

Thank you December Larkham for my sponsored item featured below. ❤

Earring: .random.Matter. Narina earrings in Onyx
Hair: Little Bones Cross
Dirt: .defunkt [Full Body Grime] (for Omega, Maitreya, Slink, & system layers)
Runic Bloody Tattoo: the crone. Runic Strength (for Catwa and Lelutka appliers)
Breastplate: =Zenith= Hun Archmage Leather Breastplate in Black
Armor: =Zenith= Monk Shoulder Armor in Black
Wristguard: =Zenith= Monk Wristguards in Black
Helmet: ALEGRIA Marcia Helmet in White (no idea where I got this, sorry)


Its called a ghost town for a reason


Listening to: Mirel Wagner – Oak Tree

This blog post is featuring unKindness‘ Old West Stage Town Gacha at Whimsical, open from February 18th-March 18th. It is so incredibly detailed and beautiful, I absolutely love it! You can have unlimited fun in using these builds for roleplaying. They are literally ‘propped up’ to make it look like builds used for film on stage sets. I really hope you get a chance to buy these! Welcome to the wild west! There are 2 rares & 8 commons, including the Undertaker & Pine Boxes 18LI, Fenced Cemetery 25LI, Barber Front 7LI, Blacksmith Barn 8LI, Rock Formation 3LI, Sheriff’s Office 11LI, Modest Chapel 7LI, and the Storm Ridge Hotel 41LI. The rares are the General Store 31LI & Whiskey Saloon 34LI

Builds featured:

uK – Old West Whiskey Saloon RARE
uK – Old West Storm Ridge Hotel
uK – Old West Fenced Cemetery
uK – Old West Undertaker & PineBoxes

[We’re CLOSED] Dry Grass Field (I don’t know who the flowers are by, sorry guys!)

On me:

Bloody Makeup: VileCult The Grime No. 3 (for Catwa & Omega, unisex, 3 color option)
Eyes: :Conviction: Insomnia eyes (includes Catwa & Omega appliers. Makeup also included, but not worn)
Skin: Glam Affair Aurelia No. 11 in Polar
Axe (w/animation): [Z-DAY] Zombie Hunter’s Axe
Hair: DOUX Miley
Dress: =Zenith= Gothic Victorian Long dress in Milk (for Maitreya)



No pulse


Listening toThe Birthday Massacre – Red Star

Neon Sign: VileCult GoreGoreGore Neon Sign ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ )
Statue in Bloody Bath: Remarkable Oblivion Spook Show Ida Ink Mannequin ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –Past Event
Medic Kit: Wednesday[+] ~ Medkit Exclusive from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Blood Bag: Wednesday[+] Blood Bag (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) –opens Oct. 15th – ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Medic Hat: =Zenith= Medic Hat in Black
Bloody Hands & Fingers: Wednesday[+] Krueger Fingers RARE from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Collar: Wednesday[+] Heart Attack Cervical Collar in Red ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Electrodes: Wednesday[+] Electrodes in Red (Dead Version) ( @ ~ Memento Mori ~ ) -Past Round- ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Medic Sign: {anc} Dark Room Photo Paper
Dress: =Zenith= Medic Dress in White RARE
Corpse: [Medieval Fantasy] Surgical Table with Corpse (uncovered)
Thermometer: Wednesday[+] Thermometer in Beige (common) from the Krueger Gacha ( @ ~ The Epiphany ~ ) ( Thank you Miko ❤ )
Nosebleed: VileCult Scarlett Nosebleed
Blush: [MIKO] Doll House Blush in Soft Jelly
Eyeliner: [MIKO] Bunny Toki Liner No. 2 in Cat Eyes
Bloody Face: [MIKO] Bloody Artist Face
Hair: Little Bones Purr
Eyes: {S0NG} Hyun in Grey & Sugar in Abyss
Pose: Label Motion Sit Floor (pack of 6)


The Game is afoot!


Listening to: Sherlock Holmes BBC Theme Song // Location: Holmes Murder Mystery

“The game’s afoot:
Follow your spirit, and upon this charge
Cry ‘God for Harry, England, and Saint George!” – Shakespeare

The Electric Monocle hosted a Holmes Murder Mystery yesterday evening from 6-9pmSLT. There were 10 clues hidden throughout the sim in the form of notecards, and visitors had to piece together the stories to help solve the murder. The costume theme was Victorian. I did not have a Victorian outfit, so I pieced together outfits I already had to make what you see below. I only acquired 6 notecards and had to stop playing due to the snow lagging me out, but it was an interesting concept and the sim was beautifully decorated. Thank you Linda and everyone at the Electric Monocle who helped put this event together. The sim will be up for a week so you are able to take pictures (until January 31st) and another event is scheduled for this evening, January 25th at 7pmSLT.

You can visit here


Jacket: *COCO* Jacket Over Shoulders in Stripe (Black)
Necklace: .ARISE. Moon Necklace in Silver/Black
Cuffs: =Zenith= Gothic Victorian Cuff Bracelet
Dress: ~ Black Arts ~ Luna Dress
Hat: ~ Black Arts ~ Laima Hat with Black Veil
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab
Hair: TRUTH Morgana