skybox: {candle and cauldron} lacrimosa skybox @we love roleplay (comes with or w/o facade. includes a secret cellar. the sconce and fireplace fire are extras. li is 30, footprint is 18x18m, 13m tall. instructions included on how to access the cellar.
lemons: fancy decor blythe bowl of lemons
chicken: jian chicken collection
chair: +convair+ antler chair brown
table: pucca firecaster creations feast table
rug: junk. animal rug
chandelier: remarkable oblivion danse macabre chandelier (gacha item)
spilled glass: camdem summer wine spilled glass RARE (gacha item – purchased it at some random gacha sim a long time ago)


when the dark wood fell before me

pose: le poppycock on sundays A – one less problem
hair: exile blown away [grayscale]
dress: just because phoebe dress
gate + lantern: *lunacy* thorn gate & thorn street lamp coming to we ❤ roleplay
candle: {petite maison} solitary candle
trees: little branch weeping willow & LAQ decor twin birch [summer]
flowers: little branch daisy field
grass: HEART wild grasses flowering
stars: {anc} star flakes blowing animation