Get you a girl that can do both

Listening to: Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby (Monsieur Adi Remix)

Look No. 1 & 3:
Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 59 No. 5
Eyes: Suicidal Unborn The Dark Eyes No. 8 (mesh eyes with Catwa & Omega appliers)
Eyelashes: [okkbye] Dramatic Falsies for Catwa
Eyebrows: [Buzzeri] The Flawless Brow for Catwa
Hair: Lelutka Magdalen // Earrings: .random.Matter. Narina in Onyx ( Thank you Nikohl ❤ )
Eyeliner: the crone . Horned eyeliner (for Catwa & Omega appliers and System Layers) ( Thank you December ❤ )
Lipstick: DRBC Apoca Lypstick Ixnay On the Ombre No. 1 (for Catwa) ( Thank you Dizzy ❤ )
Tattoo: ISUKA Wrathful (for Omega & TMP appliers) ( Thank you Prince Ragnar ❤ )
Choker: (Yummy) Corset Choker in Black // Nails: .Atomic. Witchcraft Slink Nail Applier
Dress: DRBC Tyler dress in Black & Red (for Maitreya, Slink & Belleza. Other varieties are pink and black, gingham, dotty, cherry baby, & red and black) ( Thank you Dizzy ❤ )

Look No. 2:
Hair: +SpellBound+ Sacred Rite
Eyes: :Conviction: Hellion eyes (mesh eyes w/Catwa & Omega appliers) ( Thank you August ❤ )
Tattoo: The White Crow Wicked (for Maitreya, Omega, & Slink appliers)
Bloody Makeup: [Fetch] Spoops (for Catwa, Omega, Slink Visage & System Layers)
Pose: Overlow Poses Pack 28 No. 5
Necklace: .DirtyStories. Cursed Pendant in Bad Girl RARE
Septum: .ARISE. Piece septum in Black
Top: DRBC Vixen Top in Crimson (for Maitreya, Slink & Belleza. Check DRBC out in-world or on the marketplace to purchase other varieties like b-movie, puurfect snow, frenchie, creature feature, black leather, blue denim, vintage denim, starry, purrfect) ( Thank you Dizzy ❤ )
Skirt: Tres Blah Lovett Skirt in Stripes
Cigarette: [kunst] Cigarette & Holder No. 4



I share pieces of my heart with everyone

Listening to: Elsiane – Vaporous

The MadPea ‘Be Mine’ Gacha Set was exclusively designed for the Gacha Garden which opens February 1st! There are 13 commons, 2 RARES and a Seed of Inspiration. The outfit I am wearing will be blogged below. Thank you so much to Kiana and the entire MadPea team for these beautiful items and passing love my way ❤

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The 13 Commons are – MadPea Be Mine Pillow with hold animation
MadPea Be Mine Box of White Chocolate
MadPea Be Mine Box of Milk Chocolate
MadPea Be Mine Balloons with hold animation
MadPea Be Mine Mugs Red
MadPea Be Mine Mugs White
MadPea Be Mine Cupcakes
MadPea Be Mine Photo Frame
MadPea Be Mine Blocks
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 1
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 2
MadPea Be Mine Lollipop 3
MadPea Be Mine Rose Bouquet – holdable

The 2 RARES are –

MadPea Be Mine Bow and Arrow RARE – A very special bow which targets the object of your desire and on your command sends them a very special message and gift.

MadPea Be Mine Wings RARE – Not just hearts will be aflutter with these cupidly angelic animated wings.

The Seed of Inspiration is – Seed of Inspiration – MadPea Be Mine Personalised Teddy Bear – This gorgeous bear can be personalised with yours or a loved ones name up to 14 characters. Simply complete the form enclosed with the Seed of Inspiration and return the bear to us and we’ll return a transferable, personalised bear to you within 48 hours. Keep for yourself or pass it on to your the special person in your SL.

Send the form to Pandagroov Windstorm with…

Your Avatar Name (not display name):

Personalisation (max 14 characters):

Please note: The offer to personalise is only available during February 2016. Notecards received without the bear will not be fulfilled…you MUST return the bear you received from the gacha machine. Personalisation is for a maximum of 14 characters including spaces.




Hair: Lelutka Deanna Hair
Outfit & Heels: *CK* Valentine Promises
Skybox: MadPea Hoodlums’ Hideout Skybox RARE
Pose: { PM} Winx // Wings: MadPea Be Mine Wings RARE  ( ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Sofa: Dust Bunny Camellia Couch
Cupcakes: MadPea Be Mine Cupcakes ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Balloons: MadPea Be Mine Balloons ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Lollipop: MadPea Be Mine Lollipop ( @ ~ The Gacha Garden ~ )
Rug: B.C.C. Emma’s Sweet Kitchen Rug in Red ( @ ~ The Arcade ~ ) –PAST
Scattered Rose Petals

Refined Tastes

Listening to: Im Abendrot, 4 Letzte Lieder – Elizabeth Schwarzkopf // Location: North Bay Hallows

Madpea’s ‘The Collection’ adventure incorporates music heavily into the storyline, so I thought this beautiful aria sung by Elizabeth Schwarzkopf would suit the mood perfectly. This lovey piece was originally composed by RIchard Strauss.

Here are some sneak peeks of MADPEA’s ‘The Collection’ Prizes! First, the elegant leather chair behind me, and the beautiful, portable organ to my left. The chair is designed by Michigans Shack, a very naughty but tasteful sex chair. The organ is designed by Fancy Decor and actually plays music. It is so lovely. Remember, the adventure starts on August 7th! I received my official tour of The Collection today, and will show you a photo so you have an idea of what to expect, as well as the storyline! Keep checking back with MADPEA’s blog to get more information as the date approaches. Enjoy!

A special thank you to Michigans Shack and Fancy Decor for providing me with the prizes. Thank you to Kiana and Kess for the opportunity to blog for you all and for taking the time out of your busy schedules to show me around today.


Hair: [Entwined] Adela ( @ ~ We ❤ Roleplay ~ )
Necklace & Earrings: Zibska Aubrie ( @ ~ We ❤ Roleplay ~ )
Gown: :V.e. Aura gown in Scarlet ( @ ~ We ❤ Roleplay ~ )
Drink: :CP: Lemonade
Cigarette: [kunst] Cigarette & Holder #6
Mesh Head: Lelutka Karin

House: Scarlet Creative Trillby Dacha
Desk: DRD Scrooges desk
Tapestry: SKBIO Elefante Rosa ( @ ~ The Chapter Four ~ )
Cello: NOMAD Cello
Chair: [Michigans Shack] Giles Love Chair in Brown ( @ ~ The Collection ~ )
Organ: Fancy Decor Portable Organ ( @ ~ The Collection ~ )
Piano: Apple Fall Dolly Piano
Lights: PILOT Railroad Tie Chandelier
Planter: Apple Fall L’Olivier

Pose: [atooly] #032


Just as you were about to start your well deserved summer vacation, you receive a Notification of Death letter. Your distant grandfather has sadly passed away and he made YOU as his sole heir. As you arrive to the town of Parkchester to collect your inheritance, you realize that your grandfather was a man of many secrets.

All of grandfather’s belongings will be yours, he only has one wish: You need to finish his Collection.

Suddenly you find yourself in the middle of an unsolved old Victorian mystery. Following the footsteps of a Polish maid you embark on a journey, completing grandfather’s Collection, that piece by piece brings you closer to finding out the horrific truth.

Riches and rewards await, but the real question is: “Do you dare to waltz in the pale moonlight?”

Madpea Logo [squared PNG 512pixels]The Collection Logo