christmas at the von paine residence

my beautiful purple and black yule tree is from {candle & cauldron} at we roleplay, opening tomorrow december 4th. It is the mono version of the yule trees.

the yule tree is 4 land impact at unpacked size (stretching will increase or decrease amounts).

package contains:

-1 tree of specific colour
-1 HUD that corresponds with the tree bought

each tree responds to a texture change HUD, and can be configured individually. It is also copy and mod.

on the tree (I have the fruit/food turned off on my tree via the hud):
– fruit/food to nourish the tree’s and friendly spirits
– bells to attract friendly entities and raise vibrations
– lights to light the dark winter nights
– pentacle, spire, and star toppers

how to texture change:
1- touch item you want changed
2- touch options on the hud
*item will listen for 10 seconds*

*the tree is 25% off at the event, alongside from 50L Deals as well. everything at {C&C} is made with RL ties, by RL practitioners of the craft. every pairing of numbers, cards, sigils, or stones is directly related to a spiritual belief or practice.*

thank you so much november ❤



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