Waffles for days

Listening to: Sam Yung – Eleven (Piano Version) Stranger Things Soundtrack // Location: Arranmore

This is a Stranger Things-inspired post featuring Eleven and the Semller gacha at SaNaRae where you can find this outfit. I wasn’t trying to look exactly like her (too lazy to change my shape and makeups, eyes, etc) but its fun and I really wanted to show off the cute outfit most of all. If you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out! There is already a sequel set to be released next year.

Sneakers & Socks: Semller White Sneakers UNCOMMON RARE
Jacket: Semller Jacket RARE
Dress: Semller Pink Dress
Waffles & Pose: Semller Walk With Waffle
Watch: Semller Watch in Teal COMMON
Nosebleed: Clemmm Nosebleed

All items aside from Clemmm’s Nosebleed can be found at SaNaRae. It is open.



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