Wrong incantation

Listening to: Matt Woods – In the Dark

Petite Mort is participating in the Trick or Treat Hunt! It runs from October 15th-31st. The Pumpkin Candy Bucket is free and available at the mainstore. When you TP, pick up the bucket and start hunting around the mainstore. You’ll be keeping an eye out for 5 prizes hidden inside candycorns around the shop, inside the shop, and around the shop grounds. All prizes are 10L! Good luck and happy early Halloween!


5 Prizes (10L each):
Conical hat- one size (modify)
Pentacle choker- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Flour sack peasant blouse- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Gypsy skirt & lace shawl- Maitreya/Belleza/Slink/Classic
Tassel booties- Slink high/Unrigged

Leaves: Skye Blowing Leaves
Pose: Label Motion Kirin Mochi Pose No. 5
Voodoo Doll: MadPea The Witching Hour Wooden JuJu ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) ( Thank you Mari ❤ )
Frog: MadPea The Witching Hour Witch’s Familiar ( @ ~ Salem Macabre Market & Gacha Gallows ~ ) ( Thank you Mari ❤ )
Outfit: Petite Mort Trick or Treat Hunt – Flour Sack Peasant Top, Gypsy Skirt and Lace Shawl, Pentacle Choker, Conical Hat & Pumpkin Candy Bucket ( Thank you Melora ❤ )
Hair: Little Bones Purr


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