More naughty than nice

Listening to: Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself

I love my Master ❤


Cum on Mouth & Inside Mouth: :: Z’s :: Spunk Mouthful // Cum on Hands: .Ama.
Glitter: Izzie’s Body Glitter
Belly Chain: KC Melian Waist Chain
Hair: Lovey Dovey Regan
Lingerie: B.C.C. Bittersweet White RARE
Choker: B.C.C. Bittersweet Choker Pink
Pose: [La Baguette] KittyCat II Poses #12
Headband: *MUKA* Headband Rosa
Bows: *MUKA* Burlesque Bow
Arm Strap: *MUKA* Arm Strap
Collar: *MUKA* Alia Collar


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