The ghosts that linger

Listening to: KONGOS – I’m Only Joking // Location: MadPea Ghost Town

“There is a song, you’re trembling to its tune at the request of the moon. Licking her chops, she looks at the lunatics, she needs another fix.”

MadPea creates and develops amazing games and adventures in Second Life, with unimaginable storylines that often are mysterious and horror-filled. As taken from MadPea’s website – “the goal for MadPea Productions is to create fantasies that challenge people’s imagination…they will make your brain tick and lure you into a world where you unravel a mystery.”

The Ghost Town is commissioned by the Firestorm Project, designed specifically to help new residents in Second Life become more familiar with their viewers and how to use them. A list of the prizes and designer content is available here.

From my own personal experience in Second Life, it is easy to get caught up in situations and with certain social groups that are trivial and not substantial to your happiness or time in Second Life. MadPea offers users a world to explore, to take time away for, to use their imagination and enjoy the experiences the games offer them, and they can do it alone or in the company of friends. The games and storylines are challenging and test your patience. They are designed to be a little difficult, to push your limits so that the rewards are truly valued. I think that can be a reflection of real life as well. The best experiences in life are the ones that allow you to grow and discover yourself, to give you space and opportunity for magic. And while MadPea is definitely a collaborative effort, from Marketing Manager Kess Crystal to all the scripters, builders, designers and musicians that put forth their time, effort and creativity to these projects – the creator behind it all has such incredible drive, work ethic and most importantly, a strong belief of following your dreams and never giving up. This video from MadPea’s youtube account really is moving and inspires me to want to be apart of Kiana’s world even more.

I hope that you will take advantage of this amazing game, Ghost Town. It is well worth your while, not only for it being free to play, but if you’ve never played a MadPea adventure before, this would be a great one to start from. And should you finish and be craving more, MadPea’s UNIA game is still on-going and preparations are already in place for the newest upcoming adventure – The Interview.

MadPea’s Info Hub is like a one-stop shop for all the game information, HUDs, experiences, etc. that you will need for any of the journeys you wish to partake in. There is also the mainstore, flickr, facebook, blog and a new interview from Designing Worlds that gives you a first-hand look into the creation of MadPea and where it is at and going forward in these next few years.


Hair: Besom India
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab
Jacket: N-UNO Mia Jacket in Light Denim
Boots: ISON Leather Knee Boots in Sand
Jeans: ISON Celen Jeans in Black
Top: ISON Lace Crop Top in Black


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