Shh…the witches are resting

Listening to: Marilyn Manson – Cupid Carries a Gun // Location: Livid Mainstore

I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite stores in SL & Giselle is a good friend of mine ❤ Love you lady.

“I’m a coat of fists
Dead and hardened spiders
Like two mangled crowns
Or the widest of the meanest coiled snakes
Folks said I
Look like death.
Pound me the witch drums.
Better pray for hell not hallelujah.”


Dress: The Bishes Inc. Sleek Dress in White
Hat: Livid Coven Hat Vintage RARE
Gloves: Livid Coven Gloves Witch Fingers RARE
Jacket: Blueberry Nicole Jacket in Black
Hair: pr!tty Taissa // Pose: [La Baguette]


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